Street Photography by Darren Lehane
Hi. Thanks for dropping by. I am a street photographer living in deepest south London.

I have been shooting street photography seriously since 2007 - not long after I fully converted to digital. I generally shoot with 28mm or 35mm lenses to allow me a wider field of view. I have always been predominantly an Olympus shooter, though some of the work here will have been shot on Ricoh or Fuji cameras. I shoot mainly in colour (and what's what's displayed here) but do from time-to-time shoot in b&w (a b&w portfolio may be coming at some point.)

I tend to enjoy street photography that has elements of humour and surrealism in it. I am looking for moments that transcend expectations. In many ways I want photos that pose more questions than they answer. In recent years I have moved away from immediate images in favour of images that require a little more reading of the various elements included within the frame. My approach is definitely towards a more gentle and restrained view of the street. I rarely use flash, preferring to work quietly and unobtrusively, I definitely like context and setting in my images - so it's definitely not a in-yer-face form of street photography

My main influences are Garry Winogrand, Tony Ray Jones, Elliot Erwitt and Joel Meyerowitz.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio here.

PS I am also an award winning documentary wedding photography. To see my wedding work visit